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Social Learning Theory From the moment a child a boy or a girl is brought to this world they start to already have roles in society. Girls are wrapped up in pink blankets and boys in blue, this is the first start to how gender role development begins. These colors have been indicators in society to distinguish female or male and as they grow it will remain with them. Girls with be give dolls to play with as of boy will be given trucks. This is when gender identity is developed when children associate the label of boy or girl with the rewards the come with the appropriate behavior and then act out gender roles according to that perception. Another theory that explains the development of gender is social learning theory. Social learning theory focuses on observable behavior, rewards, and punishment. The main way that gender behaviors are learned is through the process of observational learning. Child start to observe the people around them acting in various ways, which some relate to gender. They pay attention to some of these people and start to copy or encode them. At a later time they start to imitate the behavior they have observed. The child may do this a regardless if it is gender appropriate but it will then click to them if it is not right for their sex. Punishment and being rewarded is a big thing that develops gender. For example boys may be praised by exceeding in in male sports such as football but derided for excelling in female sports like playing volley ball. Girls may be praised by peers for embrasing good manners but derided for preferring to play with toy trucks rather than Barbie dolls. In the book a observation that Bandura did states that there are four main things that require for social learning theory; attention, retention, reproduction and motivation. One example that clarifies this well is when a boy is learning to play football. Seeing

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