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Soc. St Notes Essay

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  • on January 13, 2012
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Warren G. Harding- elected president in 1920, one cabinet member , Charles Forbes stole money from the Veteran’s Bureau
Teapot Dome Scandal- when Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall accepted a bribe with two oil executives, leasing government land in CA and at Teapot Dome, WY, Fall became first Cabinet official ever to go to prison.
Calvin Coolidge- Harding’s VP who became pres. in 1923 after Harding’s death, served until 1928
Kellogg-Briand Act- treaty signed by 61 nations that outlawed war
League of Women Voters- started by Carrie Chapman Catt, worked to educate voters and other rights, like right to serve on jury, women started to vote in 1920
Ana Roque de Duprey- Puerto Rican educator and writer who led the Puerto Rican women in protest to vote, succeeded in 1929
Equal Rights Amendment- stated that equality couldn’t be denied by the sex
Ernest Hemingway- wrote A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises
F. Scott Fitzgerald- Hemingway’s friend who wrote The Great Gatsby
Langston Hughes- poet, encouraged blacks to be proud of heritage, protested racism and violence against blacks, wrote about black experiences
Zora Neale Hurston- writer who set out in 1928 around the South, collecting folk talesm songs and prayers of blacks, captured in Mules and Men
Charles Lindbergh
Red Scare- when thousands of radical communists and anarchists were arrested
Sacco and Vanzetti- two Italian immigrants tried of robbery and murder because they were anarchists, executed in 1927
Emergency Quota Act- favored Northern Europe, cut immigration from Eastern Europe which was seen as center of anarchism and communism
Jones Act- granted American citizenship to Puerto Ricans
Scopes Trial- William Jennings Bryan (plaintiff, Tennessee), Clarence Darrow (defendant)1925
Marcus Garvey- black leader, organized Universal Negro Movement Association
Herbert Hoover- elected president in 1928 by a landslide

Recession- economic slump
Installment Buying-...

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