Soc 313 (Social Implications of Medical Issues) Complete Class Essay

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SOC 313 (Social Implications of Medical Issues) Complete Class IF You Want To Purchase A+ Work Then Click The Link Below , Instant Download If You Face Any Problem E- Mail Us At Contact.Hwnerd@Gmail.Com Week 1 Assignment Parkinson's Disease Discussion Paper Watch the video, My Father, My Brother, and Me; Understanding Parkinson’s a Frontline presentation. After viewing the video, read through the PBS Frequently Asked Questions. Write a 3-4 page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) in APA format in which you cover the following content elements: Describe/discuss what you believe are the four most significant concepts from the video Describe two challenges in finding a cure Discuss two aspects of the stem cell controversy Describe two approaches that help people cope with this disease Week 1 DQ Psychosocial Issues in Huntington’s Disease. Discuss psychosocial issues in Huntington’s disease. Some of the issues may be from the following list. Use at least 3 of the following or 3 of your own, and provide a resource for your findings. Respond to at least one other student in an evaluative or informative manner, not by stating “I agree.” a. Individuals and their families must cope with continuing losses, both physical and mental, as the condition progresses. b. The cognitive and behavioral changes for affected individuals may make it more difficult for them to cope. c. Individuals and family members may feel helpless and hopeless. d. Faulty judgment and impulsivity related to behavioral changes may result in unsafe situations for the individual. e. As the condition progresses, individuals become less able to care for themselves and thus become more dependent on others. f. As communication becomes more difficult, social
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