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Asthma Research Final week 5 SOC/ 313 Ashford University Asthma Research Initially I had planned to write my report on obesity, I find that I do this a lot, and wanting to learn more about asthma due to my daughter having the condition I felt compelled to research this condition instead. I apologize for the change, but it was a “last minute” decision. “Asthma is a chronic inflammatory hyper responsiveness of the airways that leads to reversible airway obstruction.” (Falvo, 2009). Asthma can be mild or severe and consists of periodic attacks of chest tightening, difficulty breathing, wheezing, and cough triggered…show more content…
However, the mental state a person is in or behavioral responses may limit or stop individuals’ ability to comply with recommendations. Individuals with asthma may go through different obstacles that hinder their ability to stay focus on medical interventions. Struggling with a treatment plan may become one of the greatest barriers to successful asthma control. (Falvo, 2009). Asthma has increased dramatically over the last several decades and asthma continues to weigh down the health care system. Even though there are new treatment plans and policy recommendations asthma continues to worsen throughout populations. How a person develops asthma is still a mystery; however research has been proven that risk factors for asthma consist of environmental triggers such as mold, cleaning agents, dust mites, and outdoor pollutants such as pollen, exhaust, and diesel. (Lopez M.D.…show more content…
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