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Popular Culture The word culture covers many aspects of our society. In reality a persons culture can dictate how their relationships are formed, how they will proceed through their daily lives and dictate the decisions they make. A person’s culture is the single most influential thing about a person. Culture is defined as “the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time” ( Given the way that cultures influence our society, it goes without saying that cultural factors come into play rather heavily when factoring in any successful business decision but what about popular culture? How does popular culture impact our daily lives and how does popular culture affect our daily decisions? Daily Lives in 2013 When looking at American popular culture in 2013 we can pick out many things from our daily lives that each one of us consider to be popular and influential but a few specific items have impacted popular culture more so than any other and those are 1) Duck Dynasty 2) Twerking and 3) Hashtaging. These three items have spent more time in the spotlight in 2013 than any other items of the year and all of them are major influences of pop culture. Duck Dynasty specifically stands out as one of the most import popular culture items of 2013 due to the powerhouse it became almost overnight Duck dynasty the television show obviously spawned like any other reality television show but the powerhouse it would be come wasn’t understood until it happened. Duck dynasty currently licenses products through major retailers of their products such as Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, and Wal-Mart, as well as individual owner licensing of names to small companies such as the “Si Robertson metal detector” or the “Mrs. Kay cookbook”. Through the actions of marketing the Duck Dynasty crew in a very strategic way it

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