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Max Brooks: Zombie Survival Guide SOC/105 July 12th 2013 Melissa Dion Zombies have been creeping their way into our culture for many years. Over the past few years they seem to have taken over movies, television and literature making more and more people become more interested in these lifeless, brain-eating creatures. Although there are several different adaptations of zombies from George A Romero’s slow moving, rotting, brain eating zombies to Max Brooks’s crazed creature, running zombies, some in our culture has made it their way of life to prep for a zombie attack. That is where Max Brook’s: Zombie Survival Guide comes in. Max Brooks was born in New York City in 1972 and is the son of the popular film producer Mel Brooks and Actress Ann Bancroft. The Zombie Survival Guide is Brook’s first installment in his zombie writing series. Although it does fall into the horror genre, some feel it falls into a genre all of its own called horror-zombie. In this book Max Brooks takes readers through a manual type of novel and shows them how to survive if a zombie outbreak were to occur. The first chapter tells the reader about a fictional virus, how it spreads, symptoms and how to destroy the subject that gets infected by it. The rest of the chapters cover everything from weapons and how to make them, how the zombies taste, smell and move to recorded attacks dating all the way back to 60,000 B.C. This book is a little different than most books in its genre because it is not written the way a reader would expect a normal horror novel would be. Brooks wanted to do something a little different with the novel and give readers the feeling that they are reading their way through a manual on how to truly survive a zombie outbreak. Unless you have been living under a rock over the last few years it is hard to ignore the rise in popularity of zombie’s. AMC’s hit show
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