Soc 100 Incidents of Inequality

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SOC 100 Incidents of Inequality Instructions: After researching the incidents of inequality, please answer the following questions for each scenario. Scenario #1: _____RACE__________ discrimination. Summarize the incident. Garrett Morgan (1877-1963) was a black entrepreneur in the United States. During the period of his life became consumer discrimination, which is where the white consumers would not buy products either invented or produced by Negros. Morgan was the inventor of our current gas masks to be used in case of chemical warfare and he also invented the stoplight. Morgan and other African American inventors had to go to great lengths to protect their ethnic background and become anonymous in their inventions patents or the advertisement of the inventions. Cook, L. D. (2012). Overcoming Discrimination by Consumers during the Age of Segregation: The Example of Garrett Morgan. Business History Review, 86(2), 211-234. doi:10.1017/S0007680512000372 How might this situation affect the victim? This type of discrimination could affect the victim in many ways, including monetarily and psychologically. If people didn't support an invention because of the inventors race, they wouldn't make as much money especially if they were in the minority class. Psychologically it could make these inventors feel inferior and they might quit inventing things we need or they could start becoming unhealthy physically and mentally because of this stress. How might it affect the offending person or institution? The affect this discrimination could have on the offenders or institutions that became offenders would be very nominal except as in the examples below in the next question. How do situations like this
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