Soapy Was A Homeless Man Essay

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Soapy was a homeless, hopeless and jobless man. He lived in the bench of the park. That was his home. That would be fine until the winter came. He had to find another place to spend the cold weather. And Blackwell’s was his suitable choice. That was the prison where people were sent for doing small crimes. In that place, he could at least fill his stomach and keep warm. To approach Blackwell’s, he had to commit the small crime. The best idea was to eat a delicious meal in an expensive restaurant. Then, he declared that he did not have money to pay the bill. And the cop would be called. All would be done quietly. He would be taken to the judge and the judge would finish the rest. He tried to make his clothes, his appearance tidily. It was confident to come into a luxury restaurant where affluent people dined. Unfortunately, as Soapy set his foot inside the restaurant door, the headwaiter saw him. The strong and ready hands turned him around and moved him outside. Soapy turned away the restaurant and thought another way to be arrested. He saw a shop with glass and bright with electric lights. He threw a stone through the glass and waited for the cop. The cop did not suspect Soapy although Soapy confessed he did, because the cop thought the criminal would not still there to be caught. The cop saw and ran after a man running to catch a car. The second time Soapy failed. On the opposite side of the street, Soapy saw a small restaurant of no great pretensions. It was for the small pocket and big stomach people. Soapy ate a lot of dishes and talked to the waiter that he did not have money. The waiter should call the police as soon as possible. Surprisingly, the waiters kicked him out of the restaurant with a soft and sweet voice while the police stood nearby. It seemed impossible to be imprisoned. Walking along the street, he tried his best to commit a crime

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