"So This Is Nebraska" Analysis

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Ted Kooser’s “So this is Nebraska,” described the state Nebraska that right away answers the question “What is Nebraska?” Nebraska is one of the 50 states in the United States, and it is also one of the states with a very low population density in the rural. There was a loss of population in over half of the amount of Nebraska’s counties over the past ten years, while all these people reappear in the urban, showing the population rise. The depiction of a low population is also depicted from the play, and also relates to the setting. Ted Kooser has set a clear setting for this poem. He stated in the poem, “A Sunday afternoon; July.” This date usually infers to relaxation, because July is summer time in the States, and it is during summer time when many people are off from school (though they may not totally be off from work), and it is also during the time when many people go out for their vacations. A Sunday afternoon should also infer to relaxation, because it is during the time when most of the people, even those who work, have a break for themselves. Therefore, the effect of the selection of this date is that Kooser is trying to convey the message that it was the time of relaxation. As for how Nebraska’s population links with the setting, the first sentence can already infer and depict an area with low population density. “The gravel road rides with a slow gallop over the fields…” The language that Kooser has utilized here with the “slow gallop” infers to a road that is barely used. If a road is barely used, cars or even any vehicles can go slow without worrying about the vehicle behind, if there even is one. The “gallop” used in the sentence could even infer to the use of horses as vehicles at Nebraska too. A gallop is the fastest pace of a horse, and by using that word in the sentence, it can be inferred that the one of vehicles used on the road in

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