So Much Money Solittle Time Essay

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So Much Money So Little Time I believe that spending money on certain things is a waste. I mean nothing is free anymore these days. If I were to spend money on something, it would most likely be important. Money is not something we can just throw away. That is why we have to be careful about how we spend our money. What we think is important varies from person to person. You might think that getting a new car is important, when I think getting a new phone is more important. There is at least one thing that we all can agree on that is very important; college, but along with college tuition, there is one tiny fee we have to pay and it is for printing fees. Yes, unfortunately, we all have to pay for printing. The University charges about ten cents per paper. If I was to print off one assignment a day, it would cost me about thirty-six dollars and fifty cents for a whole year. That is just one paper a day for one student. There are over 10,000 students at this University and everyone prints a paper maybe two to three times a day. Imagine how much money that is if you added it all up. To me, that is a waste of money, but to you, it is helping with buying supplies. Therefore, it is an advantage to you. It is a disadvantage to us students because in order to pay for printing, we have to make the money. If we cannot get the money, we cannot complete our homework. Anyways, we already have to pay for tuition and lab fees. So in other words, we are paying to go to school and paying for the use of the computers to do our homework. The 250 dollars for lab fees, in my opinion, is quite enough to cover lab fees, printer usage, and the paper usage. The money that we pay for the paper should be used on another area of the University that might need worked on. For example, extend the parking lots. They could add parking spaces in some areas of the parking lots so students

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