So Immigrants Are Taking Jobs from American

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“So Immigrants are Taking Jobs from Americans” by Jimmy Santiago Baca and “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dream” by Studs Terkel. Jimmy Santiago Baca and Arnold Schwarzenegger have a very different way of viewing opportunities in this country, USA. Jimmy Santiago Baca is only focusing in the bad things that happen to immigrants, for instance, that it is so hard to find a job when they do not have their documentation. On the other hand, Arnold Schwarzenegger focuses on the advantages that immigrants can take in this country, for example, studying what they really want as he did. Moreover, Jimmy Santiago Baca has a really bad concept of Americans because some of them are complaining that immigrants are taking their jobs away; however, Arnold Schwarzenegger shows gratitude to them because he has achieved many things in this country and no one has interfere in his dreams. There is only one point in which Jimmy Santiago Baca and Arnold Schwarzenegger agree, which it is that people in this country are a little selfish because they only care about their well being because acting like that it is the only way to achieve what they want. Finally, Jimmy Santiago Baca and Arnold Schwarzenegger conclude that this country has its good and bad things, and it depends on the people that come to make up a new life here to choose their right path. Jimmy Santiago Baca has a very negative impression from American people. This is because some of them are complaining about that “they are taking our jobs away” (1111); the word “they” is referring to immigrants; which it is not true because immigrants that come to this country are ready to take any respectable job, for example, jobs on agriculture fields as Jimmy states: “who’ve never been on a farm, don’t know the look of a hoof or the smell of a woman’s body bending all day long in fields” (1111), since they literally have no money when the
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