Snowpiercer: the Analysis

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Kelly Geary Professor Melanie Jordan ENGL 1102 Section 05 13 April 2015 Airplane: An Analysis of Snowpiercer In the film Snowpiercer, directed by Bong Joon-Ho, an important scene occurs when the New Year is being brought in amidst a huge fighting scene. One thing that may have been overlooked is when Namgoong Minsu is showing his daughter, Yona, the outside world. At first glimpse all that is visible is a blanket of white; it isn’t until later on in the film that we finally figure out why the object outside is so important to him. Forty-six minutes and twenty seconds into the film, all of the fighting comes to a halt and they begin to count down, raising their axes in the air with each number (Joon-Ho). We get a glimpse of the bridge, the frozen tracks up ahead, and a canyon down below covered in white snow and ice; this is the first we see of the airplane, but we aren’t sure of it yet (Joon-Ho). Forty-seven minutes and seven seconds in, Namgoong says, “here it comes,” to Yona as they are peeking out the window of the train (Joon-Ho). We get a reaction shot of a little grin on Yona’s face; clearly she has seen something. She has spotted the airplane her father speaks of. Approximately an hour and thirty-four minutes into the film, we finally get to know the importance of what Namgoong saw. Namgoong goes on saying to Curtis, “You know what I really want? I want to open the gate, but not this gate. That one,” and points to the gate leading to the outside world (Joon-Ho). “Remember the Yekaterina Bridge,” Namgoong continues, “There’s something I look at every New Year. A crashed airplane under the snow” (Joon-Ho). This visual may seem meaningless at first, but when mentioned again, it actually brings greater attention to the underlying motive throughout the entire film. What is the underlying motive and recollection of this airplane? What thematic significances

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