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Snowboarding was first discovered by some surfers who wanting to ride a similar board to surfing just on the snow. The first board called a snurfer was invented by Sherman Poppen in 1965. The Snurfer was created by bounding two skis together and putting a rope at the nose, so the rider could hold it and keep it more stable. Jake Burton was next to try and make a snowboard. In 1969 Dimitrije Milovich started making snowboards, he was the first to actually create a snowboard. In 1972 Milovach started his new company called Winterstick, he produced many snowboards and got articles in Newsweek, playboy, and powder which gave him a name for his new gear. This got Milovach’s name out there from being in the press and TV. He only stayed in business until 1980, but is still recognized till today for what he’s done for snowboarding today. In the late 1970's and early 1980's, Vermont was home to the first established snowboard competition in the world the National Races at Suicide Six in Pomfrey, VT. A concentrated interest in this sport eventually spawned the US Open, the world's first renowned snowboard competition. Originally held at Magic Mountain, the US Open eventually moved to Stratton Mountain Resort, where it continues to be held today. Vermont was also the first state in America to offer terrain parks at its ski resorts. In the early 1980's, the tiny Sonnenburg Ski Hill near Barnard, VT was one of the first to open its arms to snowboarders. You need a couple of things to snowboard. You will need a snowboard, bindings, snowboard boots, and proper clothing jackets, snowboard pants, goggles, and gloves. Snowboarding now a days has become a famous sport all around the world. In 1998 snowboarding for the first time was accepted into the Olympics. The new sport was a huge success, the games were held in Nagano, Japan that year, with several native Vermonters competing in

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