Snowball Vs. Napoleon

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Snowball Vs. Napoleon In George Orwell’s World War II based fable Animal Farm, he explains the troubles a country goes through after overthrowing a leader. In this book, he uses life on a farm as an epic metaphor to life after the Russian Revolution. He shows that after the government was overthrown, the expected, did not happen. Old Major dreams of a nearly perfect world where everyone has equal rights, and he expects such a world in the future. Although Snowball and Napoleon are similar, they are also quite different, and, in fact, because of that deference, Snowball posses the characteristics of a better leader. Both Napoleon and Snowball are very intelligent. One night while the animals are sleeping, they hear a loud bang. When they go to investigate, they find that “squealer, temporarily stunned, was sprawling beside […] a lantern, a pain-brush, and an overturned pot of white paint” (Orwell 112). This shows that Napoleon is smart because he manipulates the other animals, as seen through Squealer when he changes the commandments. Snowball is also very wise. He spends days on end sketching his plans for a windmill on the floor of a shed. This windmill will nearly cut the workload of the animals in half. Working almost all day sped up the planning process and “within a few weeks, Snowball’s plans for the windmill were fully worked out” (Orwell 64). This shows that Snowball is intelligent because he just learned to read and write and he is already able to construct the plans for a complicated windmill. These are just two examples of the many clever and smart actions of these two pigs. While Napoleon is controlling, snowball is compassionate. After working for almost two years on the mill, it is finally completed. Even though the mill is designed by Snowball it was “[...] announced that the mill would be named Napoleon Mill” (Orwell 104).
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