Criticism In Thomas Hardy's 'Snow In The Suburbs'

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Snow in the suburbs is a poem written by Thomas Hardy, an English novelist, short story writer and poet of the natoralist movement. Hardy saw himself mostly as a poet and wrote novels purely for financial gain, although he wrote a great deal of poetry that went mostly unpublished until after 1898. Thomas was remembered for the series of novels and short stories he wrote between 1871 and 1895. In 1898 Hardy published his first volume of poetry, Wessex Poems, a collection of poems written over 40 years. Hardy did not get the recognition he deserved from the contemparies of his time, however recently his poems have been applauded because of the influence of Philip Larkin but they are still not as highly regarded as his prose. The main part of the two worlds; on the one hand he had a deep emotional bond with the rural way of life which he had known as a child, but on the other he was aware of the changes…show more content…
With the word snow only in the heading and in the eleventh line he uses the word snow sparingly, leaving it for the reader to imagine the amount of snow and the…show more content…
The cat lies hidden by the snow awaiting the birds movements, starving “ a black cat comes wide eyed and thin” explains this, then his hope is dashed when the bird falls of one branch with snow only to land on another, if he had fallen that would have been his death this is explained in line fourteen “ And near innurns him” and at this cut retreats to the house where he is taken in line twenty “And we take him in”. The first eight lines of this poem explain the scenery, the next eight lines talk of the Sparrow in the tree and the last four explains the cats

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