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Snow Leopard Belong In Starkfield Essay

  • Submitted by: dalalkotlar
  • on June 2, 2011
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Snow Leopards Belong In Starkfield
The cold and dry air of Starkfield is the same air that blows through the mountain steeps of Central Asia where snow leopards call home. Snow leopards have a lot in common with Starkfield. For one the weather that surrounded them is the same. Snow leopards would be very happy living in Starkfield. Starkfield seems like the perfect fit for snow leopards to roam. Furthering my opinion is this entire paper.
Snow leopards are big beautiful animals. Their soft and thick gray coat attracts poachers making them an endangered species. They also have brown and black markings resembling those of typical leopard. Their underbellies are white. Snow leopards can grow to lengths of four to five feet. Their weight ranges from sixty to one hundred twenty pounds. Males are around thirty percent larger than females, thought they are still difficult to tell apart visually. The feline’s large paws are used as snowshoes while their tails, thirty six to forty inches, almost as long as their bodies are used as a blanket for warmth. For protection their coast are lighter during the winter helping camouflage with the snow, while the black and brown markings help camouflage with the rocky mountain steeps. Both of which help them stalk their prey easier. They also have pale green or gray eyes which is abnormal for cats.
Snow leopards typically reside in the high altitudes of Central, Asia at five thousand nine hundred to eighteen thousand feet, generally on mountain steppes and forest scrubs. Clearly by their name snow leopard they enjoy cold, dry, and stark habitats. With the exception of mothers with their cubs, snow leopards are very solitary animals. During breeding season is the other exception when, males and females might hunt together. Their home range overlaps with those of other snow leopards. The range they cover depends on the abundance of prey.
The behavior of snow leopards is like other big cats. They are very solitary creatures but during...

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