Snow Flower and the Secret Garden

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I chose to read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. This novel is about a woman named Lily who is haunted by memories if who she once was. I noticed that she alludes to Chinese culture a lot. She tells a story of two girls, Lily and Snow Flower, who come from different classes and their friendship throughout their lives. Lily is a 7 year old girl living in Hunan, China (very rural) during the 19th century. The first struggle the girls go through separately is the Chinese foot binding process. Lilly's feet were "perfect" and the match maker said she could find her a good family. After that is completed Lily was assigned Snow Flower as her lao tong. Lilly was worried about this because Snow Flower was from a higher class than her. The concept of a lao tong is two women who give each other themselves in friendship. Snow Flower and Lilly write back and forth on a silk fan in Nushu, a secret language that only women knew about. As the story progresses Lily marries a scholar's nephew who belonged to one of the richest families in China while Snow Flower marries a butcher, which was seen as low class. They stay in touch throughout the years by the fans and meetings but their relationship falters when Lily misunderstands a message from Snow Flower. The central themes throughout this book were friendship, love and sorrow. Friendship was the first important theme I noticed in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Women in China during that time did not have much freedom or companionship so when they had a chance to create friendships they valued it and gave it everything they had. Snow Flower and Lily's friendship began at age 7 and carried on throughout life. As the book goes on we see a different side of their friendship. Lilly states "You see? Right there on the first day we understood each other, but did that stop us from making mistakes in the future?" (Lee

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