Snell's Law Essay

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Practical Report – Snell’s Law By: Fiona Kwon Aim: To find the density of Semi-Circle Hypothesis: The density would be quite high since it’s solid Apparatus & Materials: • Semi-circle • Protractor • Light box • Power pack Safety: Carefully use the power pack because of the high voltage Method: Independent variable: The angle of semi-circle Dependent variable: The degree of incident and reflected ray Controlled variables: the same voltage and same semi-circle Process: 1. Turn on the light box and cover it with a shade 2. Make the light to hit on the semi-circle 3. Measure the degree of the light hitting 4. Measure the degree of light reflection Diagram: Result: Result Density Test 1 Incident Ray: 47 degrees Reflection Ray: 30 degrees 1.46 Test 2 Incident Ray: 65 degrees Reflection Ray: 42 degrees 0.74 Test 3 Incident Ray: 78 degrees Reflection Ray: 53 degrees 1.21 The results are very different from each other Discussion: I tried three tests and all of them were totally different. So it was quite impossible to find the trends or patterns. The width of the light ray was a bit thick which was hard to measure. Due to this, I wasn’t able to get precise degree of each test. Evaluation: My data wasn’t reliable because of uneven result due to the incorrect measurement. However, I think my method was good enough to guide anyone through the experiment. Also, my calculation of the results was correct even though I had difficulties with measurements. The two improvements that I could make are having more than three test and getting right measurements. This could’ve helped me achieve more accurate results. Except for the measuring mistake, I think my experiment was not too bad. Conclusion: My hypothesis was correct. The semi-circle had more density than water because it is more

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