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Critical Analysis of the film “Snatch” Gloria Enriquez El Paso Community College Abstract The film Snatch filmed in 2000 was written and directed by Guy Ritchie. This crime film has two leading stories, one of an 84 carat diamond and one of underground boxing matches. Guy Ritchie includes a variety of characters to put this film together, even a dog. Along with characters other techniques are used like sound, camera angles, lighting, and so on. This paper explains how and why these techniques are used. Even though the characters in this film are what makes the story without any of the other elements there would be no film. Just as sound is important camera angles and lighting are as well as important. The movie “Snatch” has a series of main characters that are either involved with an 84 carat diamond or part of underground boxing. These characters include Turkish, Tommy, Brick Top, Cousin Avi, Boris, Doug, Mickey, Frankie, Vinnie, Sol, Tyrone, Bullet tooth Tony, and several others. Some of these characters fulfill a certain Archetype. For example, Turkish is the cool, calm guy who never shows much emotion and has everything under control, and he drinks milk. Tommy, partner of Turkish, is the typical sidekick who wants to be like his partner and is usually pushed around and overshadowed by the main character. He gets the “team” into some trouble but when he’s needed the most, he’s there to help. Brick Top is the owner of the underground boxing, he’s the main killer, anybody who knows him is frightened by him, owns a pig farm which he feeds his victims to. He calls himself the “Nemesis.” Boris, also known as the bullet dodger, combing his hair back with his hand constantly portrays a smooth, sleek, mischievous man. He sells pistols that don’t work and curses in the last seconds of his life, and killing takes about 10 to 15 bullets. Mickey is a
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