Snapping Beans Poem Analysis

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The Elements of “Snapping Beans” In Lisa Parker’s “Snapping Beans”, there are many elements at work that contribute to the appeal of the poem. The poem is about a girl from the South that comes home from a college in the North for a weekend. The college girl snaps beans into a bowl with her grandmother and is overcome with emotion as she contemplates the differences between her life at home and her life at college. In “Snapping Beans”, Lisa Parker uses the characters and their actions and thoughts as a way to evoke emotion from the audience and to create a story throughout her poem. For example, the young girl returning home has underwent great changes during her time at college. The grandmother asks about school and the girl finds herself longing to tell her grandmother about the things she has seen and done while at college. She wants to tell of how exciting and exhilarating this newfound world is; however, she is hesitant because she is worried that her grandmother may not be accepting of this new life. This may have something to do with the fact that Southern traditions are very different than those in the North, and the girl…show more content…
For instance, she is Southern and speaks with a Southern dialect. This adds to the characterization of the grandmother and the setting in which the poem took place. The grandmother is also obviously very caring. She cups the granddaughter’s chin as she holds back tears. Lisa Parker compares the simple touch to how the grandmother holds tomatoes under a spigot. This gives the idea that the grandmother knows how fragile the younger girl is and that she is very loving and understanding of the girl. Even when the girl is at college, she yearns to be home because she misses her grandmother. The younger girl cries into a quilt that her grandmother made her. An obvious love exists between the two characters, and the relationship is expressed throughout the entirety of the
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