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Amber Murray Snap Caps Maddie Bradshaw established M3 Girl Design, LLC, in 2006 when she was 10 years old. Since then, her business has grown generating 1.6 million dollars of revenue in 2008 and currently is making over 5million dollars in sales. [ (Cheney, 2009) ] Although Maddie is the creator of M3 girl design, she runs the business with her sister Margot and their Mom, hence the name M3. Maddie is responsible for the creation of Snap Caps, “the original interchangeable bottle cap necklace.” She has extended her products to boot “huggers”, hair bows, keepsakes, stationery, memo boards, picture frames and bracelets. M3 girl designs have also created “Sparks of Life” which is tailored towards mature teenage girls. “Spark of Life” products include stackable bracelets and necklaces. At 10 years old, Maddie was having trouble finding cute magnets to put in her school locker. Just as most entrepreneurs do, she created a solution to a simple problem. She made the decision to create her own. Maddie went to her uncle’s old-fashioned soda machine and found a bucket full of soda bottle caps and sketched Albert Einstein inside the cap. She attached magnets to the back and displayed them in her locker. Her friends saw the Snap Caps and begged that she design more for their lockers. Maddie created different themed designed and gave them to her friends, her sister and her sisters…show more content…
The young entrepreneur is saving her money to purchase a new car and to attend college. Maddie wants to be an immigration lawyer, a patent attorney or a publicist but confesses that she has a few years to make up her mind. [ (BubbleGum Post, 2011) ] Once admitted into college, Maddie will hand her business over to her younger sister. Maddie has always had a passion for art but she hopes she can pursue it as a hobby. As of now, M3 girl design will continue to expand their business in many different

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