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Response to Smooth Talk/”Where are you going…” This story written by Oates’ about Connie and the psychopath Arnold Friend and his abduction over this innocent yet in a way very naïve teen-aged girl is much alike to Joyce Chopra’s film Smooth Talk. It all started from the source of “The Pied Piper of Tucson” somewhere in the southwest of America who mimics the character of Arnold Friend. “His Specialty was the seduction and occasional murder of teen-aged girls.” The one question that startles me the most was why in fact these young girls did not report or inform anyone of the cruel acts that this disgusting man committed, and when I say man he was indeed a grown man in his mid thirties posing as a teen-aged boy of eighteen years old. “…mimicked teenagers in their talk, dress, and behavior… (and sometimes walked unsteadily as a consequence.)” Comparing the film to the story itself they are very much identical to one another with a few alterations from the story itself. The mother’s character being one as she is portrayed in the story as being rather jealous of her daughter’s beauty in a way sees much of herself in Connie, which caused her to envy her daughter for carrying on her once young and beautiful genes, and in return she chose to favor Connie’s rather odd and out of place sister June instead; we tend to see less of her character in the film acting towards Connie with that attitude. Another difference from the film is the concluding scene, which we witness Arnold actually return Connie after he has gotten what he came to steal from her, and after the way her mother greets her at, hugging and apologizing for the fight they got in to previously that Sunday morning which we know would never have happened in the stories character of the mother. A last thing that Oates’ quotes about in her last paragraph in the essay response on the film which I didn’t even

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