Smooth Talk Essay

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Alice Bailey ENC1102 Smooth Talk Smooth Talk is a movie modeled after the short story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been. The Protagonist of this story is Connie Wyatt. She is a fifteen year old, young girl who is sneaky and secretively living a different life style away from home. Connie is also rebellious, selfish, and flirtatious. She seems to be in a hurry to grow up and experience the sexual pleasures of life. And sometime wanted to grow up to fast, has its consequences. Connie is rebellious at home, she feels as though her mother is always picking on her for every little thing she does, but on the other hand she gives her older sister praise for everything she does. This causes Connie to mope around the house all day wishing she was older and away from her family. One day Connie and some friends decided to hang out at the Mall and while there, they change into provocative clothes like, skimpy shorts and halter tops to appear much older and to attract the attention of boys. Connie and her friends continued to get dropped off at the mall but instead of staying at the mall they would cross the street and hang out at a burger stand where older guys hung out. Because of her beauty and flirtatious ways, Connie quickly gained the attention of several guys at the burger stand. She left the burger stand on many occasions with different guys allowing each one to go a little further than the one before. Each times she went she would selfishly left her friend behind to wait for her to return. Then they would go home as if they had been at the mall all day. Without knowing Connie caught the eye of one guy in particular by the name of Arnold Friend. He watched her every move each time she came to the burger stand. He even asked around about her to find out as much as he could. She was very intriguing to him and in his mind he felt he had to have her. So he lurked
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