Smoky Mountain High Essay

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Smoky Mountain High As I packed the family up in the car, excitement was running through my body, and thoughts of the mountains ran through my mind. It was a long trip from Florida every year, but it was worth the trip and plenty of time for excitement to build. Seven hours to be exact, but finally after that seventh hour of driving I made it to the winding roads of the Smoky Mountains. The excitement was almost overwhelming, but I knew I still had awhile before I could set around the campfire and relax and let all the stress melt away. The vehicle swayed back and forth as the road climbs up and down through the mountains. Each curve gives me the feeling that I am driving one of nascar's road courses. The way you have to give it just enough brake while going into the corner and have to give it a lot of gas coming out of the corner to make the next hill. There was one difference though, that cool breeze through the windows. That breeze blowing through the windows was comfortable and the smell was crisp almost like it had been raining. The weather is always changing in the Smoky Mountains. During the day the sun's rays hug you like a blanket out of the dryer. At night, the cool crisp breeze blows and brings cold chills across your body. This was just one element that we had to go through just to get to our campsite and that lustrous campfire. After that fantastic drive through the Smoky Mountains we arrived at the campsite. Our campsite sat along the winding river. It also had a small stones in a circle pattern that is used for a fire pit and two large place for tents. After unloading the vehicle, it was time to put up the tents, which is going to be a struggle. Tents now of days are huge. Three room tents to be exact. That was my task at hand, but finally after that hour and a half fight

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