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According to Dr. Mark Connor, girls are “twice as likely as boys to puff away.” ( So a question arises, ”why?” The answer is very complex, but one of the main reasons is that cigarette advertisers commonly prey on8 young women’s culture-taught obsession with weight. Somehow in the past 30-odd years cigarette advertisers have very successfully managed to portray the myth that cigarettes are a powerful weight-watching tool. In doing this, they have secured a whole new market for their goods. How did cigarette advertisers achieve this? Firstly they promoted in many ways the perception that thinness is vital. After this they chose names for cigarettes that subliminally portrayed the idea that these cigarettes were to be equated with slimness. They also used very slim models and chose catchy phrases to link their cigarettes with thinness. Furthermore the advertisers used pseudo-scientific studies to support the Idea that smoking manages weight. The first cigarette brands geared toward women were launched in 1967. These ads and certainly the vast majority of women’s brands since have all used very feminine, “petite” words in their names, such as, “Thin,” “Slim,” “Ultrathin,” or “Superslim.” The models in these ads were very thin and in the following years the percent of adolescent girls smoking almost doubled to 6.2%.(US NHIS data) Another cigarette’s slogan was for a long time, “To keep a slender figure, no one can deny . . . Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet." Today an advertisement like this one would cause outrage but the industry can still show anorexic models and phrases alluring to thinness. For example, this tagline is from the American Tobacco Company and is an advertising slogan for a thin-style cigarette; “Cigarettes are like girls. The best ones are thin and rich.” Another is from a Capri cigarette ad featuring an

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