Smoking Should Be Illegal Essay

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SMOKING SHOULD BE ILLEGAL I once was a smoker and after reading that it could cause so many diseases I was terrified. I never knew that so many things could be wrong with smoking, so I would love to inform everyone a little about SMOKING. First of all, everyone knows that it is a bad, addictive habit and can cause chronic bronchitis, pulmonary disease (COPD), and cancer in various of areas that include the mouth, throat, lungs and as well as asthma or emphysema. There are many of you wondering, what is Chronic Bronchitis? “Chronic bronchitis is a chronic inflammatory condition in the lungs that causes the respiratory passages to be swollen and irritated increases the mucus production and may damage the lungs. The symptoms are coughing and breathlessness, which will get worse over the years. The definition of chronic bronchitis is chronic cough or mucus reproduction for at least three months in two successive years when other causes have been excluded”. People that chose to smoke are also, more likely to have high blood pressure or bad cholesterol and have high risk of stroke or heart attack. For the many of women out there that wish to have children should be advised not to smoke, because by doing so they can become infertile. Choosing to smoke could advance menopause by several years. My mother is a smoker and she is already going through menopause and she’s only 42 years of age. I always hear of woman not going through menopause until they reach their late 50’s. This is not only upsetting for just the women that are trying to become pregnant, men also have a low sperm count if they are a smoker. So therefore, if anyone is trying to conceive a child it would be best to quit smoking now. Along with the infertile for women it may cause severe PMS which includes several things: cramps, bloating, back/headaches, and tenderness of the breast and the worst of all
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