Smoking Rant Essay

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Smoking Rant So, who decided that only smokers have rights? Do I not also have them? Even if a person does legally have the right to fill his or her lungs with tar, nicotine, and other carcinogens, does that mean that same person has the right to stand on a public sidewalk while doing it? Does no one else find this illogical? What about the rights of the rest of the masses? The rights of those of us who'd rather not die earlier than we have to? There’s nothing wrong with desiring the freedom to smoke: as Americans, the right to do so has never been contested however, what if the person next to you desires free air? We always stand up for the rights of those whose rights are being contested...but what about those whose rights have never been publicly stated? Never been acknowledged? there are laws which prevent other unpleasant things from happening in public places, such as sidewalks: laws against public nudity, laws against going to the bathroom there, laws against having sex there, laws against playing music too loud, laws against violence.... the list goes on and on however, all of these things are prohibited, despite the fact that there are those who don't mind it there are actually quite a few people in this world who wouldn't care if some people chose to walk around nude, for example... but, in order to make the majority of people more comfortable, it is prohibited why are there no similar laws for smoking? Yes, I realize that there are some people who don't care, and who are not bothered by all the smoke in public places but does that mean that it should be allowed, just because those who participate in it and those who don't mind it are so vocal? There are those who do mind, and, like the nudity, are very bothered by it.... so here's the pivotal question: why are "smoker's rights" so very well-protected in the laws, and the rights of

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