Smoking On Walton County Beaches Essay

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Dear Editor, I am proposing a ballot for no smoking on Walton County Beaches. Our beaches are named the most beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast, and I would love to see them look even better. I am sure most of the community would love to see our beaches have a cleaner and healthier environment. Smoking on the beaches causes several issues that need addressed immediately. Second hand smoke is highly dangerous to a public community and the litter that smoking results to is detrimental to the animals and their habitats. Allowing smoking on our beaches also steer tourists away, and with this type of economy Walton County cannot afford to lose any tourists. There can be numerous solutions to cancelling smoking on the beaches of Walton. To fix the smoking issue there could be no smoking signs posted throughout the boardwalks. The cities could provide classy trashcans that would blend in with the rest of the beach and communities. These cans may be placed in areas right before the beach starts, and a polite sign that states that smokers will be fined if seen smoking on the beaches. Not smoking on the beaches will help the litter issue, and it will help the animals and citizens live a cleaner…show more content…
If tourists come to Walton County for a peaceful vacation the community should cater to them, because they spend money and help support the local economy. Without the tourists many business and restaurants would be out of business, and Walton County would suffer a great deal. When a tourist who does not smoke wants to enjoy a clean beach, they will not come back to a location that allows smoking. Non-smokers know that smoking is a dirty and unhealthy atmosphere, and they will not enjoy their stay if they feel dirty. Walton County is capable of making. The environment healthier, cleaner, and more “tourist friendly” by eliminating smoking in the

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