Smoking in College Essay

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Smoking In the United States there over more than 480,000 deaths per year from tobacco use. Which includes 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke. That is outrageous! Cigarettes are highly addicted which caused 42 million people to get hooked. Smoking is a really bad habit, and it could take your life away. Cigarette smokers tend to die ten years earlier than nonsmokers. So many smokers know all of the risks about smoking, but they are addicted to cigarettes. There are so many products out there to help smokers quit. A lot of smokers reported that they have tried to quit, but they couldn’t go through with it because of the nicotine in cigarettes. At Elgin Community College there are certain areas where people can go and smoke. I believe that ECC should be a smoke free school because many students do not want to breathe in the secondhand smoke, and smoking shouldn’t be allowed at schools anyways. There are many students at Elgin Community College who smoke cigarettes. At ECC there are designated smoking areas for students to smoke in. For the most part, the students who smoke do obey the smoking limitations. I think that is good because nonsmoking students won’t necessarily be upset about where the smokers can smoke on campus. The smokers do respect the rules on campus. On the other hand, the students who do not smoke might breathe in the secondhand smoke from the students who smoke cigarettes. According to this article in the Observer newspaper, “A Smoke-free future at ECC?” by Diane Besser said; we have been getting a lot of complaints about the smoking on campus. Since they are getting a lot of complaints, I think that ECC should re-evaluate about becoming a smoke free campus. I believe that it would be a better idea if smoking was only allowed in the parking area. Therefore, the students who smoke can have a cigarette before they come onto the

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