Smoking Essy Essay

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Smoking related diseases cause around 440,000 deaths each year. This could easily be reduced if smoking were illegal. Smoking cigarettes can trigger countless diseases and cancers. Also, more and more teens are beginning to smoke each year. Lastly, because second hand smoke alone can be just as harmful as smoking cigarettes. Smoking is extremely deadly and should be illegal. Smokers have a higher chance of developing several types of chronic disorders. Smoking causes fatty build in the arteries and can cause the walls to stick together which is known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the main contributor to the high death rates. It can also cause pulmonary disease which is complications with the lungs. Many studies show evidence that smoking is a major cause of coronary heart disease, which leads to heart attacks. Smoking cause’s higher risk for countless diseases and it can easily encourage smokers to quit if it were to be illegal. We would have a healthier country and maybe make an influence on others to become smoke free. Twenty percent of teens smoke. Around Six million teens deny the fact that smoking is addictive. Teenaged smokers are twenty two times more likely to use cocaine. Teens are extremely unaware of the effects of smoking and how harmful they can be. A lot of teens are influenced by other teens and adults to smoke. Out of three thousand smoking teens, one thousands of them will eventually die from smoking. There are children as low as age 8 that are smoking cigarettes. The younger you begin to smoke, the harder it is to quit. As you can see, smoking is a huge issue. If smoking were illegal, these issues could be decreased and some eliminated. Our teens would have less pressure to smoke, therefore it would be easier for them to be cigarette free. Second hand smoke can be just as dangerous as smoking. One of the reasons second hand smoke is so

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