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Smoking Cigarette(History) Essay

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  • on November 19, 2013
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Until the end of the XV century, this plant was not known to anyone other than the indigenous inhabitants of the American continent. Archaeological excavations have shown that 4000 years ago, and perhaps earlier, the North American Indians have used tobacco. In ancient civilizations, tobacco smoke attributed magical healing properties. But smoking or inhalation of smoke was associated mainly with religious rituals. This is confirmed by archaeological discoveries in Scythian tombs in the south of Europe, in Africa and in the tribal areas of American Indians. During some ritual ceremonies Mayan priests were to blow tobacco smoke on the four sides of the world. This smoke is considered endowed with magical power, healing and giving the victory over their enemies.
The word "tobacco" is probably derived from the name of the island of Tobago. According to testimonies of the Spanish sailors, who arrived October 15, 1492 with the expedition of Columbus to the shores of present-day Central America, the word "tobacco" the locals called large twisted leaves, intended for the ritual of smoking. Subsequently, the Spaniards and the Portuguese brought the leaves and seeds of tobacco in Europe, and despite the prohibitions Inquisition, the Europeans also began to cultivate tobacco. The first distributors of tobacco, besides the sailors were merchants, monks and political figures. The Ambassador of France to the Portuguese court Jean Nicot in 1560, the year sent some tobacco Queen Catherine de Medici, recommending it as a remedy for migraine headaches. Soon after, the fashion for snuff spread throughout France. In honor of Nico plant later became the Latin name Nicotiana, and separated from him in the beginning of XIX century alkaloid, respectively, " nicotine ".
Since the second half of the XVI century, tobacco was quickly gaining popularity as a medicinal plant. Tobacco sniffed, smoked a pipe, chewed, mixed with various substances and used for the treatment of the common cold,...

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