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smoking ban Essay

  • Submitted by: sumayya.patel
  • on March 19, 2009
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "smoking ban" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

We usually see the boards and signs everywhere around us in school, offices, hospitals and public places that smoking is ban or prohibited here, or no smoking. Yes it should be prohibited or illegal in public places even at home because it is just not one person involved in it, others also be victimized by this evil thing. Smoking has been proved to be bad for health and should be ban because it affects health, leaves bad impression on children, and also harmful for the environment.
Smoking should be ban because it affects the health. Usually smoking for fun, turns into in habitual smoking. It has already been proved by medical sciences that smoking is really bad for human health. It affects the lung, teeth, heart, makes fingers and nails pale, causes ulcer, their hunger vanishes itself and many other severe problems. Smoking just not only affects the smoker only, it also affects those people who are around the smoker which are called passive smokers. Passive smokers also get the same diseases by inhaling the smoke of cigarette. It is as same harmful as for smokers themselves.
Furthermore, smoking should be ban because it leaved bad impression on children. Children learn by observing their elders. They will do the same as their elders do. If one person is a smoker at home it will create problems for everyone especially for children who do not know what I good or bad for them. Children are always curious to do those things which are prohibited for them by their adults. My uncle used to smoke a lot. Once he was reading newspaper and smoking in front of his child. His son was doing his homework and was noticing his dad too. When his father was busy, he put his pencil in his mouth just like cigarette and tried to light it up with the lighter. All of a sudden my aunt came and made him stop by doing that dangerous deed. Children always try to experience those things which they observe by their elders.
Smoking should be ban because it is harmful for the environment....

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