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I’m not gonna say I was walking down the street when I saw bunch of people and they convinced me to give a try. Nah, I actually first tried a cigarette for the first time hiding with one of my childhood friends on top of the building where we lived. We did it for curiosity. At this time I was 15 years old and living in Tbilisi, ever since then I have the habit of smoking. This moment has not only changed my life but also my economy. In the past it was good because in my country I would need to pay a tenth of the price for cigarettes than here in the US. Nowadays I smoke 4, 5 packs a week and each pack costs $10 at least, this amounts to $160 to $200 every month. If I didn't smoke I could spend this money on new shiny shoes, beer, cookies, or other recreational substances. Actually, this habit may not be entirely my fault because some of my family members and many of my friends are addicted to this crap. For example, one of my friends smokes like a chimney, my brother like a small factory. I think I should change my life back to a healthier one. For example nowadays I do sports, I go to the pool and sometimes I work out; I guess these are helpful in distracting me from being tendentious towards this habit. But if not, perhaps I should give quitting a try by going to and look for some help? What do you guys

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