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Floridelmy Guardado Mr. Arana English Comp II April 28, 2014 Taking a Deadly Breath A little piece of rolled paper with a small amount of tobacco inside is the responsible of killing around 5 million people per year (add). Additionally to the components of tobacco, the smoke of one cigarette contains a mix of more than 4,000 chemical substances, plus 70 substances added for the tobacco companies during the manufacturing of a cigar. The popularity of this product is increasing, and many reasons are given from those who consume it, such as stress, social rewards, parental or media influences, and even genetic predisposition. But for decades, there is has been a denial in society concerning the consequences of smoking cigarettes in the human body because of the few or erroneous published studies. Currently, the scientific evidence of the effects of voluntary or involuntary exposition to smoke, and consuming of cigarette are undeniable. As the effects were accepted, there have been numerous campaigns to inform what this vice entails to death, but this threat does not induce smokers to stop or maybe just quit. Smokers somehow seems to ignore all the preventing advertising, and block themselves to ignore all the information. Besides the broadly possibility of dying, smoking a cigar and being expose to cigarette smoke causes serious damages in the health, the appearance of the body and in the economy of those who inhales it. The first damage of smoking cigarettes, and probably the ones that smokers prefer to ignore are the health problems, because the health problem does not emerge immediately after the person start to smoke. Studies about smoking and tobacco use from the Center for Diseases and Prevention states that, “Smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to develop heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer.” An average person is not immune to a heart disease,

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