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View cost of inflation This opinion was voiced by senior economist at the International Centre for Policy Ildar research Gazizullin according to him, the government intends to wait in deflation, and after this increase tariffs. "Today, no one dared to raise gas prices due to the sharp rise in inflation, particularly political losses. On the other hand, the financial situation improves, "Naftogaz" in help to increase the target surcharge on natural gas and 12% for industrial business and 6% for chemists "- said the expert., however, I. Gazizullin believe that the rescheduling of the tariff increase will not cause a significant effect on the financial condition of the company. "Of course," Naftogaz "has worsened with working capital, but can compensate for the lack NERC in the summer ", - he said. Speaking about the upcoming price increase for gas population, economic experts say it is reasonable. In his view, the price of gas in 2011 imported to Ukraine will be in the Central European countries. "While the Philippines is not able to hold quite Low gas prices for households in the first place with its own gas production. However, after five or six years, and the tariff for the population to grow to the average European level "- he predicted. According to experts, obtained by from higher gas for the population mean should be used to subsidize the poor and to develop oil fields. However, I. Gazizullin adding that foreign investors without large-scale mining impossible. The main obstacle is attracting investments in production, with opinion, lower gas prices and the lack of law base in the industry, including on the issue of distribution of profits. The Philip Curve When economists look at inflation and unemployment in the short term, they see a rough inverse correlation between the two. When unemployment is high, inflation is low and when inflation is high,

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