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“Ban Smoking In Public Places” Is there a legitimate reason to allow citizens to smoke in public places? Do you want to give your twelve year-old asthma? Do you want to sit at the bedside of your seventeen year-old who's dying with lung cancer from second hand smoke because you refused to quit smoking? A smoking section in a bar or restaurant is like having a pee section in a swimming pool! Would you swim there? Smoking should be ban in public places. One reason people should not be allowed to smoke in public places is the health issues it causes. For instance, passive smoking is linked to an endless list of serious health problems ranging from bronchitis and asthma to lung cancer and coronary heart disease and even SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Smoking can harm our bodies in many ways, but it is especially harmful to an asthmatic. It also can damage blood vessels. Smoking is known to cut life expectancy by ten years. Around eighty-eight percent of death from lung cancer result from smoking. Second hand smoke also will affect the other people especially children. The effects are most critical during the child’s first five years of development. Second hand smoke also disturbs the child’s physical and cognitive development. Another reason smoking should be illegal is because it is a fire hazard. For example, a young late twenties couple whose three year-old daughter died in a flame blamed on a smoldering cigarette filed a law suit against three major tobacco companies. Fires started by cigarettes cause one out of every five fire fatalities, and careless smoking remains a leading cause of home fire deaths. More than one-third of all cigarette related fire injuries and deaths happen to innocent children and adults who do not smoke. Fires caused by cigarettes kill approximately 1,000 Americans, injure another

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