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DISCURSIVE ESSAY “Should Smoking Be Banned?” Smoking is a very serious issue in today’s culture and life.Tobacco-related diseases are some of the biggest killers in the world today and are cited as one of the biggest causes of premature death in industrial countries.Yet, it is a source of income for many developing countries.So here the question arises,“Should smoking be banned?”. Smoking is a greater cause of death and disability than any other single disease as classified by the World Health Organization.This is also probably due to second-hand smoke affecting other non-smokers.Diseases linked to smoking include many forms of cancer,cardiovascular disease,respiratory ailments,cataracts that may cause blindness, birth defects of pregnant smokers’ children.In short, smoking is extremely harmful to our health and the health of the people around us. Smoking not only causes harm to people but the environment as well.As tobacco plants are very prone to disease, huge quantities of pesticides are used during their growth thus afflicting nature.Following the harvest, tobacco is cured to preserve it for storage,transportation and processing.Most tobacco is flue cured which involves passing heated air through the harvested leaves.In many developing countries trees are cut down to provide fuel for this process.The littering of cigarette butts and cigarette packets are also an increasing issue that needs to be resolved.So with all this said,smoking should be banned.Shouldn’t it? Some people are actually against the ban,for reasons which are also understandable.Some would say that smoking bans are an infringement of civil liberties.Many people believe it is their right to watch over their own health and not the government’s. In addition to this,smoking bans stigmatize smokers.Some also question why does the government jeopardize smokers and not drinkers - both are

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