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Smoke Signals Sherman Alexie in this short story “This is What it means to say Phoenix, Arizona”, introduces the readers to the protagonist, Victor Joseph as a young angry Indian man who learns about the demise of his alienated father, Arnold Joseph. To begin with such a strong reflection of their relationship at the beginning of the story makes the readers wonder why they became alienated. This leads to light up the theme, which is shown through flashbacks that though such a close relationship is deunited; yet the deep embedded bonding of their blood relationship overpowers the unreal sufferings into a real pain. “Smoke Signals” tells the story of the alienated relationship between the father and the son, Victor.The movie uses the strategies of flashback to make a link between the certain events in the past effecting the present. The very first way the theme is brought to light is by the flames of the fire that engulfs Thomas-Builds-The-Fire’s parents in 1976.The story has no mention about this fierceful fire. This fire was an accident; and unfortunately Victor’s father was responsible for it; due to this guilt he abandons his family. Victor learns about this fact of the fire in the end of the movie and realizes the sufferings of his father, and also the reason behind their alienation and his father’s incapability of being an adequate father to him. The second theme is brought forward in the final scene. Victor finally release his father’s ashes into the river, during this special moment of release, Thomas’s words are heard and his message of forgiveness. This scene brings a sense of forgiveness and redemption towards Victor’s father, and it has been well depicted in the movie than in the book. And through this humble act of forgiveness for his father, he wins over the demon, the anger in him for his father. Victor comes in terms with his

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