Smiling Beauty: the Journey to South America Essay

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Running head: The Journey to South America Smiling Beauty: The Journey to South America MBA Admission Essay Smiling Beauty: The Journey to South America As the newly appointed vice president of ‘Smiling Beauty’, I would like to present a new chapter in our company’s future. In order for us to remain competitive in the economy of tomorrow we must expand our business beyond the shores of the United States today. In 2009, the Morgan Stanley Capital International classified 21 countries as emerging markets. Of these 21 countries, four have been identified as core emerging markets – Brazil, Russia, China, and India, also known as the BRIC. Although each of these countries has a potential market for our product, it is Brazil that shows the greatest potential and demand. The overall oral health in Brazil is worse than that of the majority of European countries, and the United States. As recent as 2002, studies had shown that only a minority of Brazilians had access to dentists and almost 40% of the population had no access to toothbrushes or toothpaste ( However, since 2002, sales of oral care products in Brazil have advanced at an average annual rate of 9.9%. According to Factor de Solucao/Kline Group’s latest publication, Global Cosmetics & Toiletries 2006, manufacturers’ sales of oral care products in Brazil, which include mouthwashes, toothbrushes and toothpastes, were estimated at $852m in 2006, up 12.2% from 2005 ( There are many factors that have played into this tremendous growth, which is well above the global average. One factor is the increase in the population’s earnings. Another is the implementation of governmental health programs that have amplified the use of oral care products. The last factor and arguably the most important, is the change in the mindset of

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