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i believe in smiling. Imagine that a person was having the absolute worst day. Everything that could have POSSIBLY gone wrong, has. Maybe it’s drama or maybe it’s guy/girl issues. Maybe they are just irritable. They just had a really terrible day. Now imagine, in the midst of their awful day, they see an adorable little girl or boy smile a smile of innocence. Imagine that for that moment, they were truly happy. Seeing that little child’s smile, made them happy. Just a smile. I believe that smiling can change not only somebody else’s attitude, but your own too. If you smile at somebody else, it could turn their whole day around. I believe in the butterfly wing effect. How just the little air from a butterfly’s wings can start a chain reaction? Smiling is the little wind that the butterfly creates when flapping its wings. Smiling at one person, could make them want to smile at a couple of random strangers. Those random strangers just may have seen that smile and wanted to smile at somebody else too. Everybody just smiles. With everybody around you smiling, you’re body will just naturally pick up on other persons energy and happiness. Making your mood improve. I have had experience with this “Just Smile” thing. Just the other day, nothing went right. I found out my aunt and uncle were getting a divorce, I lost my moms sweater, and I was fighting with my parents. After hearing all of that, I left to get on the school bus. I saw my friend Jacob while I was approaching the bus stop. He was smiling! It made me smile. When I got on the bus, we went to the next stop and my friend Deanna got on. She was smiling! It made me smile. As I continued to see things that made me happy, I continued to smile. All that smiling completely flipped my mood. I was happy! Even after a tough morning, Smiling made my day change. Smiles often show or represent happiness or positive energy

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