Smbolism In The Great Gastby

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Symbolism occurs when a character, figure or idea has been symbolised. Most common characteristics of symbols make a complete thought of how symbolism is used in a way. This takes place in the book the great Gatsby where F. Scott Fitzgerald uses symbolic characters to symbolize a specific idea or a thought. Many of the characters in this novel creates atmosphere to the environment. One of the symbolic charter is Gatsby. He symbolises love of Daisy. Next, in contrast of Daisy, she symbolises love of wealth. And lastly, Tom who symbolises love of Myrtle. These three charters have love as a symbolic meaning which influences the story of the great Gatsby. As the book continues, these three charters go beyond where death would take one’s life or give a chance of happiness. Gatsby is one of example who symbolizes love for Daisy. But somehow life play with you and twist as Gatsby was shot by Wilson because of the lies he heard by Tom. Next, daisy whose love for wealth of Gatsby creates a dramatic scene when Gatsby dies, it left nothing but her own love Tom and his wealth. And lastly, Tom’s love for myrtle ends as she is hit by a car which daisy was driving back home. As these three characters builds up their end of their scene, each life ends or starts a new beginning of one another. To sum it all, they all experienced how life takes a turn and it might create ones happiness and the other sadness. Gatsby, among all that he has in his is wealth. Gatsby with his parties everyday where guest that weren’t invited or known Gatsby in person. Others with wealth could say that this is all they would ever wanted. As Gatsby, he would have his wealth aside and left for what he truly wishes to have. We say that having so much of wealth a person can be happy and would need nothing else except his money. But in this novel, Gatsby only wish to have was Daisy. After seeing Daisy in

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