Smarttyle Salon Case Study

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SmartStyle Salons BA 300 March 20, 2014. Summary Having authority in a corporation job world is overwhelming sometimes. People are placed in these positions not knowing some of the issues they have to face. For example, making sure everyone is treated equally, paid income, organizing, and many other things. They are actually showing their managerial skills to the employee’s right and not sitting behind some desk in a big office chair. Responsibility is a major key to a successful managerial job. Knowing how to deal with certain situations and coming to an understanding to diffuse the problem. Well, within this case the manager Jamika Westbrook has similar situations. Jamika Westbrook takes pride in her position as salon manager for SmartStyle Salon (Daft, 2014, p.31). Ms.Westbrook started her way from the bottom and has worked her way to the top. She has set forth her priorities as a manager in order to have the success she is having as a manger. Now she is looking for another position to increase her level of management. She happens to manage over thirty employers each with their own different skills and talents to have a successful running business. During the course of her manager position she has faced some dilemmas with a decrease in profits, clients leaving, employee health issues, angry customers, and…show more content…
She did not want to attend to it so she let her assistant manager handle it. As she thought more about it, she felt her assistant was out to get her position at the Riverwood Mall. So she decided to attend to the angry customer herself. Overall, this case gives readers insight into the life of an individual in a managerial position. It showed some of her positive and negative attributes she went through. In the future, she will need to find ways to take charge and understand how the issues can be diffused without getting so upset, and learn to
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