Smartphones V.S. Normal Phones

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Smartphones V.S. normal phones Nowadays, there are a lot of people who purchase a special type of phones. They are called smartphones, named after the “smart” features the phones have. Touch-screen function is one of those special features the phones offer. Normal phones, on the other hand, are not “smart”, but they have their own charm as non-smartphones. Like how smartphones have special features normal phones don’t have, the user is able to download applications, such as games, radio, dictionary, and so on. Plus, smartphones have varies types of brands, models, colors, shapes-big or small, to choose from. They are also very light and easy to carry around. The brand called Apple is very famous for its smartphone, iPhone. A very unique, but simple design appeals the consumers. Blackberry is also a type of a smartphone; it is like a PDA and also like a mini-laptop. The normal phones are not that different from smartphones. This is because normal phones came out into market before the smartphones did. The normal phones have the basic features like Internet, texting, calling, radio, camera (for camera phones), and more, like smartphones. But there are only a few that are touch-screen and has additional special features. Usually, normal phones are either slide, folder, or bar. Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson are famous for their phones. Normal phones and smartphones are very similar in ways, but the most important difference is how many features and functions they can offer. Normal phones have a limited number, but smartphones would probably have unlimited number of offers. People are always wondering whether trendy smartphones are better or simple, original normal phones are better. But without all the entertainments and appearances, all phones would be equal. Because phones are there for us so that we can communicate (by talking) without

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