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Smartphones Abstract In the 21st century, our technology has rapidly advanced, including the development of “Smartphones”. Smartphones are a high technology electronic product which is really a convenient tools, it can help dragging people’s distance closer, it also has a lot of function, such as take photos as a camera, watch movies as a TV, listen music as a music player, play games as a PlayStations, search from internet as computer, map location as GPS or even a flashlight… etc. But however, in the world market, there is lot of brand of smartphones, such as iPhone, HTC (High Tack Computer), Nokia, Sony, Galaxy, Samsung and Motorola. People who want to purchase phones need to choose. For my aim in this project is to find out which brand of Smartphone has achieved the entire test with highest “reputation”, excellent “functions and convenience” and use these advantage to become the most popular smartphone. I have collected my source information for my research from internet websites, surveying people and public libraries. I handed out my questionnaire to 30 random people. According to the information collected, I found out that most iPhone review from internet are positive, the questionnaire also has average almost grad 10 on iPhone, which was the highest grade compare with other smartphones. After all, it seems that iPhone has been shown to be the most popular function and convenience smartphones. Therefore my thesis statement that “iPhone is more popular than other smartphones such as HTC, Nokia, Sony, BlackBerry, Galaxy, Samsung and Motorola. Not only because it is the most functional of all smartphones but also more convenient than other smartphones” has been proven correctly. Table of Contents Introduction 4 Methodology 5 Findings 6 Three Findings: 7 1. Reputation: Are iPhone are the popularise smartphone? 7 2. Functions: Do iPhone have

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