Smartness vs Intelligence

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Smartness is a different concept from intelligence because it does not mean having a high level of intelligence but it generally refers to the efficient use of intelligence that a person has. There are diverse opinions on this issue. Some people believe that having a high level of IQ means being smart whereas others claim that acting right can be associated with being smart. However, since smartness differs from intelligence, it cannot be said that smartness is limited to one type of intelligence. That is to say, being smart is not equal to having and using only one type of intelligence, but having all types of intelligences which include practical, social and emotional intelligences as well as using them effectively. On the other hand, the definition of human intelligence may not be a simple one as it cannot be confined to one’s responses to numerical and verbal tasks in IQ tests. Human intelligence is beyond IQ tests as Phil Yam points out. Human intelligence is the combination of various skills and abilities that would work even in real-life conditions. People’s life success and practical knowledge are also determining factors while measuring their intelligence because they need to possess survival skills when they encounter stressful and challenging situations. This is smartness rather than intelligence as only smart people can survive or take an advantage of what he undergoes even if they are faced with challenging situations. In this respect, this essay will examine the concept of smartness by referring to the articles titled Intelligence Considered, written by Phil Yam and Theory of Multiple intelligences and Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns. Some people claim that IQ tests determine smartness. According to this claim, IQ level is closely related to smartness of a person. According to Yam, who has edited the article Intelligence Considered, “IQ is an
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