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Group Exercise #1: Anatomy of Your Project Company This exercise has three parts: (1) a quick overview of your project company, (2) the service qualifiers, winners and losers of your project company and (3) the service package of your project company. Your hybrid report is due to Blackboard by midnight tonight (9/8/14). Part #1: Quick Overview of Your Project Company On March 31, 2012, Matthew Poole opened Smart Yogurt after becoming inspired while living in Los Angeles, California. Alongside a friend from California, than 30 year old Matt wanted to create a healthier, more brand-oriented frozen yogurt shop in Ithaca. A Cornell graduate, and Ithaca-native, Smart Yogurt has become the most successful frozen yogurt establishment in Ithaca. Smart Yogurt is located on Elmira Road, in a new(er) shopping center. They use Chobani Yogurt in all of their flavors, and pride themselves with making all yogurt 100% in house with no additives or fillers. All 14 flavors are created and tested in house. Last year, Smart Yogurt opened a second location in the Ithaca Mall, near the Regal Theatres. What has contributed to Smart Yogurt’s success is Matt’s hands-on approach. He works at the shop regularly, along with his partner, Eric Boynton. Smart Yogurt’s branding is all done by a local graphic design agency, and the sleek, modern layout contributes to a bright, and clean atmosphere. LA sport paraphernalia are a reminder of Matt’s time in Los Angeles, and an ode to Matt’s brother-in-law and Ithaca native, Dustin Brown, who is captain of the LA kings hockey

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