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Smart house is house, which guesses your needs, knows your habits, and does everything that you are surrounded by comfort and convenience. Smart home can seem like a luxury whim, but in fact intelligent systems management for the home provides a tremendous savings of resources. . Pluses of the «Smart House»: * High reliability * Manage all functions without exception - with one panel * Fits perfectly into the interior * Reasonable price * Any your fantasy under the power High reliability You don’t need to worry that the system may stop working suddenly. The thing is that system of "Smart House" in case of failing of any unit, continues to work, the system will detect damage and take appropriate action. When you disconnect, such as electricity, heating, they run on batteries. Manage all functions without exception - with one panel System of "Smart House" features allows you to control any house with a single panel. Do not need different panels in order to turn on or turn off the lights, switch channel, open or close blinds, adjust(регулировать) the air conditioning. Fits perfectly into the interior The system doesn’t violate(нарушать) the existing interior of your house, it only complements and makes it more functional, more comfortable and more modern. Any your fantasy under the power You can imagine elements which should include in a system in your house, system can be adapted and modified the functions you need, trying to satisfy your desires, because "Smart House" is really smart, capable of almost any action. Prices will be pleasantly surprised You won’t be disappointed when find out the price of system with perfect quality and its

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