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ELCE 340 – Electromechanical systems Assignment “Smart grid technology” Prepared by: Osama Al Khatib 100032404 Ibrahim Abu Shawish 100032327 Submitted to : Dr. Reyad El-Khazali Spring 2013 Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 List of Figures and Tables 3 Abstract 4 1. Introduction 5 2. What is a “Smart Grid technology” ? 7 3. Key features of Smart Grid 9 4. Fundamental technologies that will drive the smart Grid 14 5. Challenges of deployment 15 6. Conclusion and recommendations 17 References 19 List of Figures and Tables Table 1: Today's Grid Vs Smart Grid 17 Figure 1: Transmision of power from plants to consumers in grid systems 5 Figure 2: Smart Grid energy and information flow 6 Figure 3: Traditional grid system 6 Figure 4: smart grid observation and action 7 Figure 5: Energy-Internet 8 Figure 6: some features of smart grid 9 Figure 7: IEDs 9 Figure 8: accomodating of smart grid 10 Figure 9: two way communication 10 Figure 10: self-healing 11 Figure 11: felxibility in network topology 11 Figure 12: Green environment 12 Figure 13: Platform for advanced services 13 Figure 14: integrated communications 14 Figure 15: sensing technologies 14 Figure 16: advance components 14 Abstract This report is about The Smart Grid Technology that is an advanced development of the current traditional grid system used for power generation. This report is divided into six different sections, which are Introduction, what is Smart Grid Technology, key features of smart grid, fundamental technologies that will drive the smart grid, challenges of deployment and Conclusion and recommendation. In the first section, Introduction, the report defined the goal and Background. Moreover, it discusses different benefits that the project offers to the current used

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