Smart Grid Essay

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Smart Grid Players in India The smart grid value chain brings together a whole bunch of stakeholders such as vendors, power generation companies, power distribution companies , investors, regulators, government agencies, think tanks, research institutions, and standard-setting organizations. We will discuss in detail, the role of each stake holder and the companies that operate in that domain. The smartgrid vendors can be grouped as follows: Legacy Power Companies : These are the traditional power companies that supplied electric equipment and are now involved in smart grid-related hardware, software and services. Key Players : * Tata Power Company * Reliance Power * Reliance Infrastructure * GE Energy * Alstom * BHEL …and many more IT firms : The companies that provide communications, networking, and data management (Cisco, IBM) Key Players : * Alcatel Lucent * Bharat Electronics * HCL Technologies * HCL Infosystems * CMC Ltd * IBM India * Infinite Computer Solutions * Infosys Ltd * ITI Ltd * KLG Systel * Patni Computers … and many more Communications firms : Companies that provide products for advanced metering infrastructure * Linkwell Telesystems * ICSA India Ltd * Analogics Tech India * Huges Communications * Tata Communications … and many more Meter hardware firms : Companies that provide smart meters * Infotech Enterprises * EMCO India * eMeter * Elster Metering …. and many more Energy services firms : Companies that provide curtailment services to reduce peak demand Key Players : * GE Energy * Areva T & D India * Global Energy Consulting Engineers …. and many more Energy management firms : Companies that provide automation, monitoring, and control systems for buildings Key Players : * Honeywell Automation *
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