Small Town or Big City Essay

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Living in a small town or in a big city? Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. If I would have to decide where I would like to live, I would probably decide for living in a small town, just because in a small town you have some things, you cannot get in a big city, which I do not want to miss. I will show you some reasons, why I would prefer living in a small city in this paper. The first reason for me to live in a small town would be the nature. Most of the time big buildings and technology are the majority in big cities and they are unfortunately banning the beauty of the nature. Except for some random green places with two benches to sit on, you can’t really find nature in big cities. That is totally different in small towns. Small towns have most of the time beautiful and big parks, where you can walk through and enjoy the nature without having cars driving right next to you. Kids can explore, climbing on trees and having fun playing on the playgrounds without parents being afraid their kids could get run over by a car. You can also be more active by walking through the parks and going on hikes, just enjoying the nature. Maybe there is even a little lake where you can go in summer enjoying the sun and the water or even in winter going ice skating on there. When you live more in the country, you maybe also have some chickens, goats, turkeys or even some fields where you plant vegetables. Than you definitely know where your meat is from. In general I made the experience that people and especially kids are way healthier in small towns near the country, than the ones in a big city. Another good reason for me to prefer living in a small town is that you get to know your community. Because in big cities there are always so much people, it is often difficult to act like a community. In a small town

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